Kristen Stephen   Certified Rolfer

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I've always been passionate about helping those most in need and I spent the first eleven years of my career-life working for nonprofit organizations. In 2014, after years of ignoring various injuries and working at a sedentary desk job, I was experiencing quite a bit of chronic pain that could no longer be ignored. Working behind a desk for 40 hours a week, I had trained myself to live in my mind, forgetting I had a body, until the pain kicked in. I was introduced to Rolfing Structural Integration that year, and my life began to change.

Structural Integration bodywork helped me develop a new appreciation for and awareness of my body. It helped me better understand the deep connection between mind, body and spirit and allowed me to feel comfortable being more gentle with myself. The structural work alone did not make all of my pain symptoms disappear, but it did relieve a lot of discomfort and helped to bring me into my body - enough so, that I decided to enroll at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in January 2015.

While in school I learned that the combination of structural work and functional movement practices helped the most with pain management. Now that I’ve graduated, a new passion of mine is the study of functional movement and applying that study to my personal life and integrating it into my Structural Integration Bodywork practice.


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