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I have had extensive experience in the field of recovery. Getting clean and sober in December of 2008 has helped put my life on a new path. Coming from the home of an alcoholic father, I have had experience on both sides of addiction—active and recovered. Intervention can be a tricky venture. The intervention model employed is best-practice and evidence based, using a strategy that is inclusive and loving. This helps keep the person of concern from feeling ambushed thus more receptive to embracing recovery. An ARISE intervention consists of three gradually escalating levels, implemented sequentially as needed to match the level of resistance on the part of the addicted individual. The addicted individual is invited to participate in every stage of the process. Level 1 starts with a 30-60 minute complementary “First Call”, during which time I provide support to the person concerned about an addicted loved one to mobilize the entire family to attend the First Meeting. The family and support system becomes an Intervention Network whose goal is motivating the addicted individual to enter and complete treatment along with working towards long-term recovery and healing for themselves.


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